GKTech S13 / 180SX ナックルアダプターキット

The V2 GKTECH roll center correction kit is now made from 1030 forged steel and provides 1.57'' (40mm) of roll center correction,1.57'' (40mm) of bump steer correction and also re-positions the steering arm to increase steering lock. With two different pick up points for the tie rod, this now offers two settings, allowing for more aggressive steering response and less ackerman which will provide faster steering!
The roll centre correction kit bolts up to the bottom of your standard knuckle and can be removed with no ramifications at all. Circa 60+ degrees of lock is achievable without offset rack spacers once the factory LCA lock stop is removed but if you're running lots of camber or caster using our offset rack spacers is a good idea to avoid steering bind.
With supporting modifications these can see similar lock to V4 drop knuckles!
With the introduction of our NEW price, they are by far the cheapest way of getting both roll centre correction and lock!
They can be seen here in action on one of our daily driven S13's. This car featured standard LCA's and OEM lock stop, slip in rack spacers and the RCCK:



- 日産 S13 シルビア
- 日産 180SX

※1 加工済みナックルには装着できません。純正未加工に対応
※2 ナックル側にストッパー凸がある場合、削り取る必要があります
※3 ロア側25mm延長効果があるためキャンバーが増加します。要調整
※4 掲載画像を確認のうえ適切な締め付けトルクでお取り付け下さい
販売価格 23,869円(税込)
型番 S13XRCK

TN Service Kyoto