GKTech V3 Z33 350z / V35 ステアリング アングル キット

The GKTECH V3 Z33 350z/V35 angle kit is a simple, lightweight, yet super effective bolt on steering kit.
It is a bolt on kit, meaning it can be fitted and removed with no modifications. A completely reversible install, even when used with our Super Lock Lower Control Arms!
With 30% faser steering these are suitable for both the dedicated drift cars whilst working equally as well for a grip/street car looking to speed your steering up.
If you own one of these vehicles, you would know the OEM steering angle on the Z/V chassis sucks! We measured them to having around 37 degrees lead wheel and even less trailing. This kit will allow you to get around 60 degrees of lock lead wheel and with adjustable ackerman you can acheive near parallel front steering.
We strongly recommend our bolt on rack spacer to make the most of the kit but they are an optional item as some people may already have a rack spacer. (SOLD SEPARATELY).

アッカーマン調整 (構成部品の組替による2パターンが使用可能)

- 日産 Z33/350Z フェアレディZ
- 日産 V35 スカイライン

販売価格 32,340円(税込)
型番 Z33X-SSTR V3

TN Service Kyoto