GKTech プロドリフトナックル S13S14S15180SX

These knuckles have specifically been designed to be used for drifting only.
These bad boys have had their ball joint height lowered 50mm for roll centre and bump steer correction and are able to achieve around 70 degrees of steering lock with ease!
They are not for the faint hearted being our pro knuckle they feature caster trail and adjustable Ackerman, that's right, adjustable Ackerman so that you can really dial in your front end and be unstoppable.
As mentioned above, to get the maximum amount of rack travel and see the full potential with these knuckles we recommend the bolt on rack spacers if your rack is moved forward, otherwise, you may get steering bind. If it is not moved forward and is not something you are able to do, we do recommend the offset rack spacers which do move the inner tie rods forward, which mitigates bind and still offer the rack travel needed.
These knuckles are too awesome to have provision for ABS, this does mean there is no provision for ABS.

ロールセンター、バンプステア補正 スピンドル位置調整 50mm

- 日産 S13 シルビア
- 日産 S14 シルビア
- 日産 S15 シルビア
- 日産 180SX
- 日産 A31 セフィーロ
販売価格 79,970円(税込)
型番 V11X-PROX

TN Service Kyoto