GKTech R32 フロントアッパーアーム スカイライン HCR32 BNR32 GT-R

The GKTECH R32 Front Upper Camber Arms (FUCA's) are used to adjust the front camber on your R32 Skyline.
These arms are unique in design and are far from the generic garbage that most people are used to.
Our design was based around the Group A racing arms which allow the arm to twist throughout suspension travel and have been CAD designed,
FEA tested, they are CNC machined from 4130 Chromoly, are TIG welded and to finish the arms off they're E-coated (aka electrophoresis coating) for rust prevention.
We are exclusively using high quality Teflon lined bearings 5/8" Teflon lined rod ends with our own proprietary dust boots for increased longevity on the outside and 2x COM10T bearings on the inside.
When you lower your car negative camber is introduced. This reduces the contact patch of your tyres and thus available traction. Our front upper camber arms will correct this issue.
The GKTECH camber arms are a direct replacement of the standard arms. These camber arms allow for -15mm through to +20mm of adjustment compared to the OEM arm.


純正比 -15mm〜+20mm

- 日産 スカイライン R32 GTS-T
- 日産 スカイライン R32 GTR

販売価格 42,240円(税込)
型番 R32X-FUCA

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