GKTech Z33 350Z 油圧ハンドブレーキマウント

When installing a hydraulic handbrake in your car, you'd typically have to drill holes or weld a bracket in place. We understand that not everyone wants to do that, so we've made these bolt in brackets. The brackets bolt to the stock gearbox shifter hole and allows you to fit our hydraulic handbrake assembly without modifications to the gearbox tunnel.

- 100% direct fit with no modifications required to the gearbox tunnel
- Available for either center console or side mount LHD and RHD variants.
- Laser cut from 5mm thick 4130 Chromoly sheet and zinc coated for longevity
- Includes 4x replacement M6x20mm bolts

NOTE: Console version will require some trimming under the center console and require you to cut a hole for the lever.

NOTE #2 Inside and outside mounts refer to the position of the handbrake lever when using our mounting plates.

Inside mount = mounts inside/within the center console itself, this will require trimming beneath the AC unit when used on both the left and right-hand side.

Outside mount = mounts outside the center console itself, no modifications required to the trim when used on both the left and right-hand side.

Please refer to product images upon ordering.

NOTE #3 Outside mount when used on the drivers side may have contact with the OEM seat when the seating position is close to the steering wheel, the OEM seat can still be used but can cause damage with prolonged use.
販売価格 5,060円(税込)
型番 Z33X-CNSR

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