GKTech S13180SXR32A31 ストレート トーアーム

The GKTech S13/180sx/R32/A31 Straight rear toe arms give you the ability to adjust and tune your vehicle's rear toe.
The lengths on these rear toe arms are fully adjustable to your specs when doing an alignment and with the right adjustments, straight line and cornering of your vehicle will be improved.
- Feature high quality 5/8" Teflon lined pillow ball rod ends which eliminate the flex found in factory rubber bushing offering a more direct and predictable feel.
- 6061-T6 Aluminium
- Hexagonal shape all the way through for ease of adjustment while under the vehicle

- 6061-T6鍛造アルミニウム製(本体)
- 5/8テフロンピロボールを採用
- 逃げタイプとは異なるストレート構造
- GKTECH HICASトーコン化マウント対応品

-日産スカイラインR32 GTS-T
販売価格 17,050円(税込)

TN Service Kyoto